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    The world's foremost luxury hands-free belt bags.


    Find your pairing for your PaulyJen ♥️ Belt Bag.

  • PaulyJen™The "Clutch" Re-Imagined.

    Belt Bags with Options™

The PaulyJen™ ♥️ Experience

PaulyJen™The Clutch Re-imagined

PaulyJen™ Belt Bags are the next evolution in wearable clutches. Hand crafted to pair stylishly with any outfit by a simple change of the belt or strap. Experience wearing a PaulyJen™

One-Of-A-Kind Leather

One of the most beautiful things about leather is that it's unique, with no two hides ever alike.  The natural imperfections make each PaulyJen™ Belt Bags a piece of art.

PaulyJen™ Belt Bags

Belt Bags with Options™

Style It.

Grace and Grit Collection

Indigo Blue leather belt bag with black twill interior.

Smoking Whisky distressed leather belt bag with camo interior. 

Olive green belt bag with black twill interior. 

Style for Any Occasion

This simple, sleek design is versatile, functional, and effortless. We tried to cover it all, so you can have the best PaulyJen™ experience. 

Luxe Collection

Our premium clutch belt bag designs to match any outing.

Love it!

Wild & Free Collection

Black ink leather with cheetah stripe belt bag with black twill interior. 

Black Ink Leather belt bag with White Snake Stripe

Black ink leather with white snake stripe belt bag with black twill interior. 

Indigo blue leather & indigo navy snake skin stripe belt bag with black twill interior. 

Metallic Collection

That sheen that stands out.

View the Collection


About PaulyJen™❤️

PaulyJen™ ❤️"The Clutch Re-Imagined" latest luxury fashion trend, it's like no other brand out there, it is chic, timeless and functional. It’s the modern day fanny pack that can be worn multiple ways! One of the favorite features about the belt bag is the functionality of the snaps on the back of the bag that allows for versatility and convenience.

Her vision for the brand is to have “Belt bags with options™” for music festival goers, travelers and women on the go. She wants those who purchase a PaulyJen™ to be liberated by having a stress free experience.

PaulyJen™ is passionate to cater to her growing customer base around the country. Women love the PaulyJen™ concept of being able to choose their own combinations of belts and bags, her design creates options and the freedom to wear the bag as one sees fit. 

"Cooler than a fanny pack and better than a clutch." PaulyJen™ can be worn a number of ways: As a belt bag on your hip, as a crossbody, wear it with your own belt, use it as a clutch or toss it in your large tote.

Choose from the world’s foremost luxury hands-free belt bags. You can mix and match from metallic colors to stripes and animal prints.

PaulyJen™ ❤️California Dreamed and Stitched™ 

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