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Behind The Brand 

The vision and creation behind the PaulyJen® brand began in 2017. Pauly, a native Californian left her career after losing her passion after 22 years being in real estate to aspire back to her creative roots re-inventing herself as a designer of a growing Lifestyle and luxury leather accessory brand.

From a very young age, Pauly’s enthusiasm for interior design and fashion turned to creative innovation as she was in search to find that perfect everyday bag. Pauly’s love for music and travel inspired her to design bags with having options, where practicality meets multi-functionality and simplicity chic using highly ethically sourced and extremely high quality materials all made in Los Angeles, USA. Pauly is always looking for ways to improve the design of every day bags to make them more practical for the modern day woman on the go.

Pauly is passionate to cater to her growing customer base around the country. Women love the PaulyJen™ concept of being able to choose their own combinations of belts and bags, her designs create options and the freedom to wear the bag as one sees fit.

The simple, sleek designs are versatile, functional, and effortless.  We tried to cover it all, so you can have the best PaulyJen™ experience. 

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