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Details and Care-About the leather

Wear your PaulyJen belt bag on your hip, as a crossbody, toss it in your tote or use it as a clutch. It can also be worn with your own belt.  All Belt Bags have a crossbody strap included and Crossbody Fanny Packs and straps can be mixed and matched. Use your imagination to create your own unique PaulyJen look.


All products can be sold separately.

Details and Care-About the Leather
One of the most beautiful things about the leather is that it is ethically sourced and unique. We are passionate about using the finest materials and softest leathers. 
No two Hydes are alike. It's a natural product with each Hyde having its own characteristics. Leathers will have some minor imperfections such as scratches, natural blemishes or discoloration, which attributes to its natural beauty making your PaulyJen purchase uniquely yours. All products are made by hand-California Dreamed and Stitched. 
Made in the USA.
It is suggested to treat your leather products delicately and lightly with a clean wet wipe. To maintain the leather’s longevity and suppleness, it's also recommended to use a leather oil, balm or conditioner for leather bags only not intended for shoes. Followed up with a dry cloth to remove any excess product every few months. If the leather gets wet, it's recommended to be dried not in direct sunlight and also important to know, pen ink will not be able to be removed. 

With Care-Love Always, PaulyJen ❤️