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About PaulyJen

Behind The Brand 

The vision and creation behind the PaulyJen® brand began in 2017. Pauly, a native Californian left her career in real estate after 22 years, in pursuit of fulfilling her creative passion. 

From a very young age, Pauly’s enthusiasm for interior design and fashion turned to creative innovation. The inspiration behind the brand was based-on pet peeve's and multi-functionality. She was in search to find that perfect luxury everyday bag. Her love for music and travel inspired her to design bags where practicality meets simplicity.

The brand was built using premium and fashion specialty leathers and components with intentional elevated designs  

The PaulyJen System enables you to invest in a timeless bag and a variety of interchangeable straps that allows you to re-invent new looks each season. 

We tried to cover it all, so you can have the best PaulyJen® experience for any wearing occasion.

Experience wearing a PaulyJen®

California Dreamed and Stitched® Made in USA