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Rose Gold Metallic Snake Skin Leather Belt Bag


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Belt Pairings

Experience wearing a PaulyJen™ ❤️ California Dreamed and Stitched. 

Please Note: Belts are sold separately as an option, can be worn with other belts or your own belt. Webbing belt options that look and pair nicely with this belt bag. These can be worn as cross-body or as a hip belt.


PaulyJen wants you to wear your bag the way you see fit. Belt bags with options allows you to wear this belt bag four different ways. As a clutch, on your hip, across your chest or wear it with your own belt. 

Interior: Nude lined textile, leather credit card holder and zippered interior pocket.
PaulyJen™ belt bags are made with buttery leather and belts are double-sided and stitched for comfort and all-day wearability. Made with the finest leathers and craftsmanship designed to contour to your body. Customized snaps on straps on the back of the bags for an effortless transition so you can wear it with one of the optional suggested crossbody/hip belts, wear it with your own belt or carry it as a clutch and throw it in your tote. 
PaulyJen™ ❤️California Dreamed and Stitched in the USA.



  • Italian Leather exterior
  • Partial leather interior
  • Textile interior
  • Leather credit card pocket
  • Fits an Apple 11 cell phone, keys, lipstick, and sunnies
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Custom snap-on straps



  • Size  39” or 43" 


  • Size 56” or 60” Crossbody strap
  • Double-sided
  • Double-stitched
  • Solid brass buckle


  • 8 1/2”W x 6”H
  • Approximately weighs 8 oz
  • 6.5" metal zipper exterior pocket


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