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Brown Stripe Belt Bag Strap




Brown w/ Tan, Green, & Red  Stripe Removable Belt Bag Strap/Belt 

Multi-functional belt bag with customized snaps on the back of the bags makes for effortless transition between straps. PaulyJen™ multi-functional belt bags have a variety of adjustable and interchangeable straps to choose from. Choose your favorite combination.

PaulyJen wants you to mix and match and wear your bags the way want. Belt bags with options allow you to wear it crossbody or as a hip belt, with your own belt, or carry it as a clutch and throw it in your tote. 

PaulyJen™ ❤️ California Dreamed and Stitched in the USA.




  • 50 in. Length & 58 in. Length varieties
  • Double-sided
  • Double-stitched


  • 3.5 oz

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