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Happy Mother's Day from PaulyJen!

17 Must-Have Accessories & Purses For Moms This Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is a few, short weeks away. Are you ready? How can we choose a gift that’s good enough for these special people who have helped shape who we are? Moms are always on-the-go and typically carry enough with them to keep a small army fed and entertained for a few days. When you’re out shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, remember that finding the perfect accessories and purses for moms is helping her to take on her day with confidence.

If you are looking for something stylish for Mom this year, your search is over! Pauly Jen has what moms want with their hip new belt bags. The only problem you will have this Mother’s Day is when it comes time to choose which design to get for your mom! The Black Leather & Cheetah Stripe Belt Bag is one of our favorites! Both elegant and functional, Pauly Jen has reinvented the clutch! Belt Bags can be worn on the hip, as a crossbody, on your own belt, or held as a clutch. These bags are absolutely one of a kind!

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Time to Think About Mother’s Day Gift – PaulyJen Belt Bag is The Clutch Re-imagined

from Lulu Qu by HEY DO YOU

Iknow everyone is very upset to be quarantined for over a month already. But I think it is the time to rethink what we really care in our life when we can’t go to bars, we can’t go shopping, as well as no traveling. I would say it is family – what we need cherish the most. Wishing your family healthy, happy and to be loved. As this year’s Mother’s Day is coming, it is never too early to think about a lovely gift idea for the person who gives you life, raised you up and always there for you.

Let me introduce you a great Mother’s Day gift – a stylish and effortless belt bag. PaulyJen™ “The Clutch Re-Imagined” latest luxury fashion trend, it’s like no other brand out there, it is chic, timeless and functional. It’s the modern day fanny pack that can be worn multiple ways! One of the favorite features about the belt bag is the functionality of the snaps on the back of the bag that allows for versatility and convenience.

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Supporting small San Diego businesses

from Lulu Qu by HEY DO YOU

As the COVID-19 Outbreak forces so many businesses to close doors, I would love to share the following local companies with you, especially you live at San Diego as well. Many of them are currently offering discounts, free shipping.

PaulyJen is “the clutch re-envisioned.” This Carlsbad brand is the latest luxury fashion trend and like no other brand out there. Blowing up social media, it has been dubbed the season’s must have belt bag for its functionality – snapping on the back allows for convenience and versatility. PaulyJen designs creates options and the freedom to wear the bag as one sees fit. Designer Paulette Povar’s timeless designs are carefully made in California.

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