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Navy Fanny Pack Strap Belt with Silver Snap



A luxury lifestyle brand inspired by powerful women.


Navy Interchangeable Fanny Pack Strap/Belt with Silver Hardware for crossbody fanny packs only. 

Adjustable strap that you can wear as a crossbody or on your hip.

PaulyJen wants you to wear your bags the way you see fit. Fanny packs with options allow you to wear this fanny pack in two different ways. For an effortless transition, you can wear the fanny pack across your chest or wear it on your hip. PaulyJen™ bags are made with the finest materials, leathers, craftsmanship for all day wearability and functionality. 

PaulyJen™ ❤️ California Dreamed and Stitched in the USA.




    • 43 in. Length


    • 2.5 oz